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Legends come to life

American comeback
Future blazing bright
Dancing with optimism
Very, very high

Energy independent
Manufacturing might
Coming back to the USA
Where the action is

Freedom unifies the soul
Missiles, planes, rockets, ships
Made in the USA
Greatest Hero of them all

People are the heart
Dreams are the soul
Love powers and sustains
We celebrate faith

Raise sights to glory of God
Second amendment rights
Land of heroes
Legends come to life

Washington, Patton, Neil Armstrong
Earp, Earhart, Annie Oakley
Beautiful, beautiful Alamo
Brave wild, wild west

Vanquish tyranny
Laid railroads,
Glorious and magnificent
Pioneers, pathfinders

Eternal truth
Hand of almighty God
The American Age
American Empire

American Adventure
Sun is still rising
Best is yet to come